About Us

Long Beach Brewery was forged by people with a passion to create quality, handmade craft beers for unique people.

We hope you’ll enjoy our beers as much as we enjoy making them.



Beer has always been an ever present subject in my life. My grandfather started home brewing in the 70′s, and as a kid I was always mesmerised by the smell of hops and wort boiling, and I loved to scrape the last lick of molasses out of the tin with my finger.

I studied wine making at Stellenbosch University, and travelled the world, sampling as much wine and beer as I could. I was hooked especially on the ales of England and California, but got stuck into wine making in South Africa. After another decade, a chance meeting with Jaco sparked my interest in beer back up again. He taught me all he knew about brewing, and after about 5 batches, we were ready to start Long Beach Brewery. The rest is, as they say, history. In time, I hope to give my grandchildren an appreciation of my craft.



Having been involved in the restaurant trade for a number of years with a well known franchise brand I decided to further explore my creative side and became involved in brewing craft beer. I purchased the brand from Roger and Jaco in 2016 and set about taking the business along the path towards the next stage in the brewery’s evolution.

With a vision to enjoy the craft industry and produce quality local beer making Long Beach Brewery a household South African name.